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    Wink T h e . . . M o t i v a t i o n . . . ! ! !

    Hi everybody!

    This is a thread to introduce a mini fashion photography contest (on 17th Sep Friday) within a small group of participants, so as to help push participants to improve upon one-self's photography and post-processing skills. And to help the participants, the contest will feature a top level model for the participants to photograph. And this session will feature:

    Natalie from United Kingdom

    All that a participant need to do, is to produce 2-4 shots of the model shot during the session, with post processing, for the purpose of judging. The details of the criteria for judging will be explained to the participants and there will be prizes to be won in the form of discount vouchers for future shoots with MODELinn (one winner and 1 runner-up for each session; $35 for winner and $15 for 1st runner-up). Submission of pics is in soft copy Jpeg(A4 size), and to be submitted within 1 week from the date of session. Winners will be announced in the next day after the closing date. And the results will only be disclosed within the participants only!
    There will also be an option for those who do not wish to enter the contest, and just want to shoot for leisure. For those who choose this option, there will be additional charges for participation (to encourage everyone to participate in the contest).
    So anyone keen to join or wish to enquire more, email to now if dun want to miss it!


    Fri 8.30pm - 11.00pm (Outdoor Night Fashion)

    Fees per session
    Outdoor Night Fashion session:
    $95 for repeat members and early birds (payment before Wed 15th Sep midnight) , $110 thereafter.
    Non contest participants add $10

    Number of Outfits & Style
    Fashion session: 3 edgy and sexy outfits

    Set Up
    Outdoor Night Fashion Session:
    lighting adjustment arranged by organiser with hotlight and multiple giant reflectors on single subject, beneficial for beginners;
    Wind machine for superb hair "styling" effects as seen in pics

    Who should attend
    Newbies who have no idea how fashion/portraiture shoot is done, aspiring photographers looking to expand portfolio, photographers who like to learn and mingle, or even experts who like to share ideas, and perhaps anyone who loves Models :P

    To be released to confirmed participants only

    Number of participants
    6 to start, 7 max per session

    Email to to book your place now!

    For those who wants to be in the mailing list, do email to as well!

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    Default Re: T h e . . . M o t i v a t i o n . . . ! ! !

    More photo contributions from previously participated members:

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