*Groan* its the "Nikon better than Canon better than Nikon" argument again.

1) Go try out BOTH cameras yourself to confirm and not just assume / hearsay.

2) ISO will never be enough. Reason people dun shoot too high ISO is that older cameras cannot handle ISO noise too well. Last time olden days u not advise to go higher than 400, now its 800, then 1600.... u see the trend? Saying "you don't need that high ISO" is like saying "You don't need car, when public transport is so good", u'll end up still buying a car when you feel you need it, despite what everyone else tells you. Move on with the times, ppl...

3) Also again about ISO, any camera manufacturer can go to ANY level of ISO, even 1,048,576 ISO, but so what? If the picture comes out like something that crap out of a whale's stomach, it's still as good as nothing, right?

4) MAYBE alot of people use Canon, but that doesn't mean they are right. Also what makes you think only professionals use Canon? Could be advertisement, or company uniformity. Buy what you need, not what others buy. Else you'll end up really

5) What are you gonna use this for ? Shoot people, buildings, insects? All these will determine what kind of ISO, aperture, shutter speeds, AF points, video etc, functions you will need to make your final decision. Start thinking about them, but remember things might change in the future too.