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Thread: FASTEST image viewer in the world

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    Default FASTEST image viewer in the world

    As higher and higher Megapixel photos are produced...i am having a hard time finding the fastest image viewer around. i tried using a few but not so impressed with its speed compared to my old trusty ACDSee Classic Ver 2.4.3 which is a "classic" but old dinosaurs from 10 years ago! It has one neat feature which is read-ahead and cache behind which makes it the fastest image viewer a decade ago... one complain i have about ACDSee now is that it is not able to read EXIF for auto-rotated images (imported via Nikon View NX).

    Any idea which image viewer is fastest?

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    Default Re: FASTEST image viewer in the world

    I believe the fractions of seconds it takes to even load RAW images on recent average hardware can easily be neglected. Irfanview is pretty fast but is not colour-managed. In RAW files it will only display the embedded JPG. For RAW data viewing use Fast Picture Viewer.


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