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Thread: V TV series 2009

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    Arrow V TV series 2009

    I've watched the original V series when l was still in primary school in the 1980's.

    Hope that the new V 2009 will not disappoint.

    It is now showing on Channel 5 every Thursday night.

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    Default Re: V TV series 2009

    Already saw the entire season and waiting for the next one to come out "very kan cheong" heheh .. It is a pretty awesome show!.

    Another great series to look out for is Spartacus which is only on cable and heavily censored for sure heheh

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    Default Re: V TV series 2009

    Gonna catch it every week, or record it (: Seems interesting enough! Would rather watch it on my big TV screen than having to go through all the downloading and watching on small laptop screen haha.
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    Havent heard V in a very very long time...heh. I wonder how much would they deviate from the original story. BSG deviated quite abit, fortunately it was still enjoyable to watch.
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    Default Re: V TV series 2009

    The new V isn't as good as the movies, but sometimes better than the television series from the 1980s. In the new series, they concentrated more on special effects than in the original, which was mostly story. The story changed a lot from the original, also.

    You might find it good.

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    Default Re: V TV series 2009

    Downloaded.... but haven't watch yet. Still trying to catch up with some other TV series I'm also watching.

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    Default Re: V TV series 2009

    V 2009 is very cheap production. the special efx and acting i see already very shag. but i still watch to kill time.


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