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    Lightbulb U navy show

    i find it a bit amusing..after the warship sank then they come up with this show. its very funny that time after all those 911 & terrorist incidents, then channel u came up with that terrorist show ( where evelyn tan played that blind girl, ix shen & constance song played both as govt agents, then also got that sniper, talkative nurse, SSG from EOD that show..but that show not bad, a bit slow moving but i like the video quality)
    but anywae no matter how cliche it may be, i will still watch it just to know what the story line is exactly about even thou i can roughly guess 80% of it..keke..or isit such "docu-dorama" shows every few years they must come up wif wan? coz u knoe its like those WWII jp occupation of sg show, which are shown every few years..isit a more subtle form of N.E.? coz its like the children livign in sg grow up then every few years must come up wif a new show to show to the next batch of children?

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    a good effort, nevertheless

    FYI, i just attended a series of NE related seminars earlier this week, my should-be-boss when i get my posting was in the NE Branch at HQ MOE last time...

    just dont ever underestimate the need for NE, it's partly because we've had peace for so long, so it's meant moreso for the kids who are much younger than us (though i'm not old myself )


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