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Thread: Laminate Printed photos last longer?

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    Default Laminate Printed photos last longer?


    I printed quite a no of my kids and some of my favourite photos.. intending to keep them for as long as I can...

    i know it can last up to 25 years if i print on the latest Canon PR 101 and with original ink on my i865

    but i want to keep it longer than that...

    would laminating the photos help them keep their colours longer?

    Thanks in advance of any info...


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    If I"m not wrong, exposure to air is only one main factor of deterioration, exposure to light esp sunlight is another one too.

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    From my own experience, i found that inkjet printed photos last very much longer when i put them in the office. I guess the airconditioning and the low humidity contributed to this. The same photo in my own home would have faded in about half a year or more. IMHO i believe it is a combination of heat, moisture and exposure to air that fades a photo.
    Early last year i bought myself a hot laminator and i discovered that laminated photo last as long as those in the office. These days i always laminate my pictures.
    If u are using HP printers, i highkly recommend u get the newly introduced HP Everyday Semi-Glossy Photo papers. Although the paper is a little filmsy, they are cheap (about $14+ in packs of 100 A6-size) and when laminated, the thickness is just nice. You can buy this paper from certain Popular Bookstore but be warned that stocks runs out quickly.

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    This advice is true for archiving most materials, such as photos, prints, negatives and CDs... store them in a dark, dry and cold environment, with as little ozone as possible.

    Light, humidity and heat are the worst enemies of such materials, and so is ozone in the air-flow. So if you keep your prints framed up, it should help to prolong the life-span of the prints, more so if your glass is treated to minimize UV transmission. The air-conditioning helps to keep the heat away, and of course hang your photo prints away from direct sunlight!

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    print on archival type papers and use a pigment based inkjet.

    Laminating helps, but having a hard plastic card over the picture tends to spoil it (for me anyway).

    Keep photos away from direct sunlight. That will fade just about anything.


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