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Thread: got bachelor new season ;-)

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    Default got bachelor new season ;-)

    yeap. watching now. then 2molo night got the joe millionaire. then sunday night got the matsu takako show. oh ya yesterday night got meteor gardenII. tv these few days not bad ah

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    coz all foreign productions tat's y not tat bad lor ... take a look at local productions .... haiz ... all "amercian-idol-wannabes" shows ..

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    but dunno why how come i find <american idol> to be uninteresting lehzz?

    so far all the good stuff are:

    joe millionaire
    combat missions
    fear factor
    for love or money
    meet the parents
    eco challenge
    fuji tv jp dorama
    meteor garden
    fiery thunderbolt
    taiwan ah cheng
    korean dorama
    guess guess guess
    super sunday

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    Best was still Amazing Race.
    Makes me wanna go those places snap snap snap.

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    oh ya hor..completely for got about that one..ya...

    but @ the 4th season..i missed a few episodes..then i see then horlan here and there likde a bit sianz like that...then suddenly on the spot lost interest in amazing race liaoz :p


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