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Thread: BEST way to store your digital files?

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    Default BEST way to store your digital files?

    Hi guys,

    Would like to ask for any opinions/advice on the best way to store your digital files.

    I heard a friend mentioning a Network Storage device, but am not sure on the cost and how to set it up.

    Any thoughts?



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    Default Re: BEST way to store your digital files?

    Hi Larry,

    Try this:

    Buy 4 similar harddisks, plug into the device, and follow the instruction setup on CD.

    Cost wise: Sorry can't help there.


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    Default Re: BEST way to store your digital files?

    There are multiple ways to store them. Do you have a budget to work on?

    Most importantly, there should never be a single point of failure.

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    Default Re: BEST way to store your digital files?

    There are different types of storage, along your digital workflow:
    - Storage for files "Work in Progress" - Should be your internal HDD
    - Storage for finished files, exports, uploads - Internal or external HDD, just a different one from "WiP"
    - Storage for copies of your RAW files / JPG files as they come from camera - Could be an external NAS
    - Storage for backup files - A different storage media, e.g. USB drives. Only used fro backup, then store somewhere (dry cabinet? drawer?)
    Just some ideas .. Define your workflow, then decide:
    - How much data loss can you tolerate? Which data could you afford to lose, which not?
    - How quick do you want to have everything back?
    - Budget?
    - How much tech-savvy are you? The less you are the more you should focus on standard solutions offered in the market (e.g. NAS appliances). If you have time and mood, built your own home server Linux is recommended here.

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    Default Re: BEST way to store your digital files?

    i just shelf them into 2 copies of duplicated BR, one for retrieval one to keep for good. i might just review them in a few yrs time and reduplicate.
    no desire to pay for online storage



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