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Thread: Title pic for exhibition: Body Life

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    Default Title pic for exhibition: Body Life

    I will be having my first exhibition at my church next month. My arts pastor and I decided to call it 'Body Life', obviously in regard to the show about life of the body (the church basically). This is going to be the title picture for the show. It's a bit more abstract than the normal photos in the show, but my pastor liked it for embodying the title very well. What do you guys think?

    Leica M6, Canon 50mm f/1.2, Portra 400UC

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    Wow... i love abstract photos!!!
    this shot of yours kinda gives me the impression of light (and matter) being sucked into some hole!
    ...its been about 3 minutes and im still staring at your photo...
    great work!!

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    dragon ballz!?

    huhuh, kidding.

    Seriously, this is a great photo. Nice body posture and I like the light. That bright round thing... is lens flare?

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    Thanks for the compliments. Fortunately or unfortunately, that's 100% lens flare. Technically speaking, lens flare is to be avoided, that's why I wasn't sure how people will like this photo.

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    that ring of light looks kinda funny..i presume its caused by lens flare? think the foto might look w/o it as its quite distracting..heh

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    hmmm...good use of lens flare.....sometimes it adds the touch to e photo i feel...have been experimenting wif this for some time.....

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    Nice shot!
    Full with energy and emotions

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    Thanks guys. Witness, I'm still not very familiar with the flare characteristics of many of lenses, since I don't shoot in this manner too often, so it's always a surprise when shooting such pictures. I've had a bad experience with lens flare on my old 35mm Summilux, so I've learnt not to use it in such shots, but this lens might be better.

    Thanks again for the comments!


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