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Thread: Nikon 3700 and Canon A75

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    Talking Nikon 3700 and Canon A75


    I'm new to digital photography. Have this two cameras in mind. Understand that one has access to manual control, one hasn't.
    However, would like to know abt the performance of each camera.
    Is there any comparison for these two?
    Would appreciate any recommendation.
    Also anybody know where to buy for the best price or package?
    Would like a tripod stand also..what would you all recommend?
    Then, will each camera perform under cold condition? eg. bringing then to winter countries or if we use them on beach, or slightly raining will cause any damage anot?

    What abt CF cards and SD cards? Which brands are better?
    heard CF cards are going to be phased out soon..does that mean if I buy A75, there will be a disadvantage?

    hee.. sorry for asking so much...but realli would wan to know more before I decide which to buy..^^

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    CF cards phased out soon? i don't think so.......CF II goes all the way up to 4GB, 8GB, whereas newer technologies like xD only goes up to 512mb currently. CF is very fast, everywhere, uniquitous, and economical. i don't think it'll be phased out soon--CF is the de-facto storage medium for digital cameras today, and probably for the next few years to come.

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    thanks for the reply...
    any idea which brands of CF cards are better?
    scan disk or kingston? idea how much it would cost?


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