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Thread: Car Photo Contest - I Love My Wheels!

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    Smile Car Photo Contest - I Love My Wheels!

    Click HERE to check out the details. Just go through your photo albums for a couple of nice shots and submit!

    Submission ends this coming Sunday, Oct 3! For those who have some really old heritage photos, submit them now and share with the community! They will be featured on the main website for all to admire. Photos for all other categories all welcome too!
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    Default Re: Car Photo Contest - I Love My Wheels!

    Think twice before joining!

    Intellectual Property

    ■By participating in this Contest, and in consideration for the opportunity to win prizes, participants hereby agree to grant to NCS (including its affiliates and subsidiaries), LTA and National Library Board (NLB) a perpetual, worldwide, transferable, irrevocable, non-exclusive license to use, copy, modify, exhibit, distribute, make derivative works of, in any manner in the discretion of NCS, any and all intellectual property contained in any submission. This license grant is not contingent upon anything else, including, but not limited to, participant winning the Contest. Participants will, without question, dispute or objection, provide to NCS, if required, written confirmation, permission or authorization of the right by NCS to use the intellectual property so nominated, in any form whatsoever, that may be required.

    ■Participant undertakes not to assert any claim for violation of intellectual property rights associated with any entry in the Contest against NCS or any of its affiliates, or the officers, directors, employees, representatives and agents of each.

    ■Participant acknowledges that NCS is not responsible for the protection of any intellectual property rights of that participant in connection with any entry submitted in connection with the Contest. Participant is solely responsible therefor.

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    Default Re: Car Photo Contest - I Love My Wheels!

    as usual , jus another joke to me
    to continue press hex key , to return to main menu press star

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    Default Re: Car Photo Contest - I Love My Wheels!

    Submissions end coming Sunday, Oct 3.

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    huh??!! just win a drive in a porsche boxter?? lame leh....
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