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    I'm posting on behalf of my platoon mate who is a very garung bodybuilder!

    Anyway, he's entering 2 competitions this coming June and July and he needs some makeover shots of him to be taken. Not exactly makeover shots, but just some nice shots so that at least he can have some momento for the months(or years) of hardwork. And secondly, he will select a few nice shots to be used in the competition.(Note: I do not know for what exactly)

    He's on a tight budget as he needs to spend alot on supplement, food and I heard the tanning machine.(Where he can achieve even tan throughout his body)

    He will most likely be in the budget of $200 max?
    I know there's the recent thread whereby ppl were debating whether the photographers of clubsnap are being exploited.
    I wish to stress that this nsf friend of mine is sincere in engaging a photographer. The photographer need not be very pro. But of course, he doesnt want a grp of newbies to surround him.

    Of cuz what the photographer gets in return, other than the monetary rewards, are of course pictures to boost their own portfolio. : )

    I hope I do not sound like I'm exploiting the ppl here. : ) Hey Im only helping a friend to post this. Hee

    Would welcome any feedback

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    Hey Pokka,

    I would love this chance to shoot for your friend.
    When you mention shoots, do you prefer it to be indoor or outdoor?

    I used to train quite frequently too actually.
    (but been damn slack these days though. )
    So might be able to discuss some ideas for the shoot.

    Here's my porftolio for ur reference.


    - Bob

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    Hi bobotto!

    Firstly, thanks for replying! : )
    My friend prefers outdoor shoot. Maybe beach he says? But he will follow the photographer's idea lah.

    Eh, my friend would like to know your expected allowance for the shoot? I know this is a bit blunt, but, NSFs are poor fellas surviving on a meagre allowance! haha. If you think replying by PM is more apt, then feel free to do so.

    I'll get my friend to browse through your webbie, and he'll confirm with you by phone all right? Cheers!

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    HI! I just booked out today and I'm overwhelmed by the number of PMs regarding the shoot of my friend! You guys are great! Many of you even volunteered to shoot for free, or even pay my friend!

    I'll just answer most of the queries here as it would be too much of a hassle to reply to each and everyone of your PM. hee. Hope you guys understand.

    With regard to the date of the shoot, my friend is still conditioning his body and he is in the so-called 'dieting' month. He said the shoot would not be so fast. It would most probably be in early July. And also, this friend of mine is gonna ORD next month, so it would be kinda hard to shoot before he ord.

    With regard to location? He said he will prefer a combination of studios and outdoor. Hmm, from the PMs I received, many are willing to shoot for free, so I reckoned, my friend will most likely engaged a few paid photographers, and also the FOC ones, so that in this case, he can get have more prints to choose from.

    Some of you PMed me asking me to post his picture before you decide whether to shoot. My friend will send me some pics soon...I'll try to post them ASAP all right? (Still serving NS, sometimes no time)

    If you have anymore queries, please feel free to ask.

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    hmmm...i in army some interesting and crazy ideas to bring out the touch....haha....PMed u....

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    Hi to everyone once again! Let me just start by saying the response is overwhelming!
    I've emailed all the PMs that you guys have sent me to his email.
    He will either register as a member here at clubsnap or he will contact you guys directly via hp/email.



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