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Thread: Now I'll shoot auto ISO!!

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    Default Now I'll shoot auto ISO!!

    Used new NeatImage profiles for D70, amazed by the results. Now I'll use auto-ISO w/o worries!

    Original - ISO 1600 (ISO auto)

    After NeatImage 4 with D70 profiles

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    if its good enough, still need neatimage?

    I mean, I find neatimage making my pics abit softer..prefer not to use it.. even in ISO1600..

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    i usually use neatimage on images with a dominant colour. I don't find NI making the image softer. Again, sharpness is a relative thing. My tolerance for softness is very high.

    Never cared about noise when I convert to B/W or desaturate my photos.

    Now with NI, I can shoot with auto ISO and can de-noise if needed.

    Your mileage may differ.

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    the original un-NIed image is good enuff for me. looks like D70's noise control iso1600 is pretty darned good.

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    Actually, i don't see noise in the original image. Should be able to print up to 5R with no impact on noise (coz printing itself would have "noise").


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