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Thread: Help needed with downloading MP3's to iphone

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    Default Help needed with downloading MP3's to iphone

    Hi all,

    I have uploaded some MP3's to and one of my friends has problems downloading the MP3's to her iphone.

    She says, "I've accidentally deleted the the earlier songs you uploaded in my 4share. I tried downloading but deleted the whole application from my iphone and reinstall again.

    When I try downloading from the following link, it's gives me an error message saying the "Server is configured incorrectly" even though I can see all the songs on Safari.

    Can you advise me? I'm really desperate now especially my PC us not working... "

    Any kind soul/iphone expert can advise?


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    Default Re: Help needed with downloading MP3's to iphone

    U need to save the mp3 file to ur PC in the itunes Media Folder, add the file under itunes to your iphone, then Sync it for it to appear in your iphone.
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