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Thread: Help need by SPCA. (disturbing images)

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    n 18 August, the SPCA received a report from the police that there was a dog suspected of being bashed to death at Blk 267A Compassvale Link, and they requested for us to pick up the body. The police were in attendance at the scene. It was later established that the block was Blk 267B. Although there were witnesses to the brutal act ...and a media report in the Shin Min Daily News the next day, no immediate evidence was forthcoming as to who the perpetrator was or where he came from. The police referred the case to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA) for investigation.

    SPCA sent the body of the Pomeranian-type male dog for an official post-mortem at the AVA and the conclusion was consistent with that of blunt trauma to the head, resulting in extensive cranial trauma, severe brain damage and multiple skull fractures. This was also consistent with the SPCA veterinarian's initial findings following examination of the dog. A notice of an appeal for information was placed on our website and Facebook Fan Page. On 23 August, the SPCA together with the police went door to door to units in the vicinity of Blk 267B but were not able to obtain any leads. SPCA also produced flyers and distributed to the RC for notice boards in the area. On 25 August, we distributed 3,000 of our flyers door to door in the neighbourhood.

    The SPCA cannot express enough, its grave disappointment that no one has yet come forward to identify the person responsible for killing the little dog.

    The reward money has now been increased to $2,000 (from today, 30/08/2010) due to three kind donors who have donated $100, $200 and $700 respectively.

    As of Monday 30 August, the alleged perpetrator has not been apprehended.

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    Ah! I wanna try abuse the man who abused the dog. -.-

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    This is the facebook link. Please spread the word. Thank you.

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    Poor dog. May it rest in peace now.
    Now who is so heartless and brutal to this beautiful dog?
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    Hope the witnesses who saw what happened have the conscience to come forward to do the right thing.

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    Please help to spread the word!!!

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    Sick, sick person to do that to living creature, be it dogs, cats, birds or anything. Someone should really bash that fxxker upside down after what he did to the animal. Hope he was apprehended and throw to the jail with the least human rights, and bashed every night.
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    Fyi, another sicko (not sure which country). Help spread word, hope she gets caught soon!

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    Please help!

    We need to find the culprit, so we will be able to punish him for such behaviour.
    It is not right to take a life away in such a way.

    Please help!!!!

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    Coward... What happened to the cliche: Take on someone your own size and who fights back...
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    Im dead sure the neighbors know who did it.. but don't want trouble hence everyone hush hush. after all "its just a dog, no big deal mentality"


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    Please spread the word....

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    Please HELP!!!

    how can we let someone like this go!!!! he hurled the poor poor dog against the wall !!!!!!!!! REPEATEDLY!!!!

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    Posts Tagged ‘dogs abused’
    Dog brutally beaten to death at void deck
    Friday, August 20th, 2010

    A dead body of a dog, with its face drenched in blood, was found in the void deck of Blk 267B Compassvale Link in Sengkang on Wednesday evening.

    The Straits Times reports that the dog, a Pomeranian, died after being beaten and repeatedly flung against the floor.

    A police spokesman confirmed the incident, saying that the police received a call around 7.40pm. About six policemen arrived soon after.

    Mr Toh, a 50-year-old hawker who works at a coffeeshop next to the void deck, said he witnessed the brutal beating and called the police.

    He told The New Paper in Mandarin, “The man was picking up the dog and throwing him onto the floor over and over again – for at least 10 times. It happened over 10 minutes.”

    “At first the dog cried out in pain. It was a pitiful sound, then after a while there was silence,” he added.

    Mr Toh said he was afraid to step in after the man “looked crazy”.

    “I wanted to stop the man, but he really seemed like he was crazy. So I rang the police instead because I hoped they would arrive in time to stop him – and save the dog,” he said.

    But it was too little too late as the dog died. The Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) picked up the dead dog after being notified by the police. Initial examinations revealed the dog died from intensive head injuries consistent with trauma.

    Another witness, Mr Leow, 34, a hawker who worked in the same coffeeshop as Mr Toh, told the same paper that the dog abuser acted strangely prior to the tragedy.

    He claimed that the man who appeared to be in his 30s or 40s, requested for a knife to which Mr Leow said “no”.

    The case has been referred to the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) and investigations into the identity of the owner are ongoing.

    SPCA executive officer, Ms Deidre Moss said, “It is a tragedy of the highest order, it was a brutal end to a lovely dog.”

    She also added that there has been a rise in the number of reports of animals being abused. The SPCA receives between 70 and 80 reports a month, an increase from between 40 and 60 just two years ago.

    In early July, a video of a woman hitting a dog with a broom sparked outrage among Singapore netizens. Earlier this year, an odd-job labourer was also sentenced to 10 weeks’ jail for swinging a cat against the wall and killing it.

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    There are witnesses "Mr Toh, a 50-year-old hawker who works at a coffeeshop next to the void deck" and "Another witness, Mr Leow, 34, a hawker who worked in the same coffeeshop as Mr Toh, told the same paper that the dog abuser acted strangely prior to the tragedy."

    What is the gov't doing about it?!?!

    What are the people doing about it?

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    Bigger reward for info on Sengkang dog basher
    by Esther Ng
    05:55 AM Sep 03, 2010

    The reward is now $15,650 - up from $3,400 a couple of days ago - for information on the abuser who allegedly bashed a Pomeranian to death in Sengkang two weeks ago.

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said this amount is the largest sum pledged for a tip-off. According to the SPCA, $10,000 came from an anonymous donor.

    The SPCA first launched an appeal on FaceBook last Monday, offering a $1,000 reward. But since the appeal was reported on Wednesday, the SPCA has received numerous pledges from the public - so much that it decided to stop collecting pledges.

    SPCA executive officer Deirdre Moss said: "It's a huge amount already ... it shows that many people share our sentiment that this person must be caught."

    Anyone with information should contact the SPCA on 6287-5355, ext 9. Esther Ng


    It's sad that no one is stepping forward to help catch the perpetrator yet.
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    SPCA Singapore Volunteers Required – Flyer distribution for dog bashing case at Blk 267B, Compassvale Link, Sengkang, 18 August.

    In our quest to find the perpetrator who committed this barbaric act of cruelty, we will be distributing reward flyers again around the vicinity of Blk 267B Compassvale Link on Tuesday 14 September, 12 – 5pm.

    If you are available to help with the distribution, please email with your name and contact number by Sunday 12 September. We hope to recruit around five volunteers and will make contact by telephone with those selected, on Monday afternoon.

    The SPCA has by no means given up on this case, even though there has been no vital information provided yet. It is still our hope that someone out there will come forward to identify the abuser soon.


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