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    Smile Tripod Head

    Hi all,

    I need your advice.
    Am using 70 - 200mm f2.8 Canon Lense.
    Do you think the Manfotto ball head 496 or 498 can support the lense.
    Ur inputs are very important.

    Thanks and hope to hear from u.


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    Default Re: Tripod Head

    1 lens,2 lenses

    No such word as len or lense

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    to answer your question, yes it can support as long as you are using it with the supplied tripod collar for the lens
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    But I was told by the sales guys from TK Photo that it does not really support the 70-200 Lens.
    Could he be wrong in this case.
    Really puzzled.
    Kindly share your experiences and what is best for such a lens.


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    With what body are you using your 70-200 lens with? Calculate the overall weight of your gear. Multiply that weight by 2.

    Then based on that, compare against the maximum load of the tripod head. Also, depends on what legs are you using your tripod head with. Is the maximum load less or more than that of the tripod heads?

    If less, take the lesser figure as the basis of the maximum weight load. If the legs can take more than what the tripod head can support, use the tripod head's maximum weight load for your consideration.

    Hope this helps with your selection of a tripod head.

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    Perhaps what he meant is that u may experience creeping problems with your set up.

    The maximum load if ball head is only applicable if you deploy the camera at perpendicular to the ball head base. if tilted at an angle, you need to divide the maximum load by 3 if i remember correctly.

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    My goodness. Is there a better way to choose a Tripod then? This is getting mathamatical.

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    try markin Q3 or bigger... money no issues then Really Right Stuff...

    the plates for body and lenses might cost a bit too...

    hope this helps...

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    Alternative of Markins is the Photoclam ball head from Korea.
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    According to the Manfrotto website, the 496 can handle a max load of 6Kg and the 498 a max load of 8Kg.

    Your tripod must also be capable of max loads over 6Kg otherwise it becomes the weakest link.

    A quick Google came up with this guide


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    Thank you all for your advice till date.

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    So, what is the best head for a CX055 Manfotto then? 496 or 498


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