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Thread: what is a good, accurate and cheap light meter?

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    Default what is a good, accurate and cheap light meter?

    as above.. with spot metering and such.
    and does this measure incident light? or it's another kind of light meter altogether?

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    Hi behyx,

    You can take a look at the available Sekonic light meter models here. Models that come with spot meter are normally the high end ones and do not come cheap (about 500-600+). For mid range ones that are reasonably priced (around 300+), you can consider the Sekonic L-308BII , or the Polaris SPD-100.

    Hope that helps.

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    If I am not mistaken, any hand held light meters with spot metering is not going to be cheap. It should be in the region of above $500+.

    Most lightmeters if not all takes incident light reading. A basic light meter that can measure incident and reflecting light cost around $100-$300+.

    You can try Minolta or Sekonic meters if you want spot metering.

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    A cheap light meter is the Polaris 2. IIRC, it comes with a 10/18 degree spot attachment. Check out with Ruby on it's price, should be below $300. I won't vouch for its accuracy though and breakdown tendency is high.

    A good and accurate light meter is not cheap IMHO. You can consider the Sekonic L308 or the Minolta Flashmeter Vf. I think CP is selling it at $530.

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    wow thanks guys for your inputs.. will look into the price issue, it's indeed not cheap to own a good one, especially with spot metering.


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