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Thread: Recommend good card reader?

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    Billionton ( think tat's how it's spell ) PCMCIA CF Card reader... for just a mere 10 bucks... ( I think I kena chop for it... mebbe could get for lesser... cos got it from SLS ). quick fast easy and neat... just slot in my CF, and slot the whole thing to the laptop.

    Or, even better, get a IBM Laptop X series... they comes with CF Reader in built

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    Lightbulb 15 in 1 from eastgear $29

    Transfer rate is good at usb 2.0
    the limit is more like my 1 gb card about 6.0mb/s
    relatively fast
    no chance to try wif the 80x card yet
    takes cf sd ms xd microdrive etc
    works fine had the chance to try the more common formats
    cf sd xd the rest not tested la
    ezy to carry around
    that said this is not an advert for eastgear

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    watch out for those "no brand" card readers.

    Some of them needs u to insert the card 1st into the card reader, then plug the card reader into the computer. And this is not how a card reader is supposed to work. I regret getting a no brand reader, hope u don't.

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