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Thread: Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool

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    Default Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool

    Hi guys,

    I am currently using DELL 248WFP ( and Gainward NVIDIA GeForce 8400s (used this because my ATI HD3870 spoiled), and I am thinking to upgrade my monitor to IPS panel for better photo editing purposes.

    What do you think about U2311H? Is it good? How is it compared with other IPS panel monitors?

    Also, is my current gfx good enough for photo-editing purposes? If there is a need to upgrade, can recommend which gfx is good? The last thing is that, which calibration tool to use?

    I know I asked a lot hehe.. I read a lot about Dell U2711 and Dell 2410 but only recently heard about Dell U2311H, hence want to ask for opinions.


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    Default Re: Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool

    What software do you use for your photo editing? In terms of Photoshop, only CS5 really takes advantage of having a fast gpu. If you have any older version, they will mostly be relying on the cpu to do much of the processing.

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    Default Re: Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool


    pls google for 2311 review.. and decide for yourself..

    i just bought a 2311... this is the first good monitor i bought... i like it... because i am using a lousy 12 inche laptop for editiing before this.. and now this new monitor shows all the mistakes i made in the past... mainly on tone... my old laptop cannot display the tone well.. and hide the mistakes... but they are all revealed in 2311..

    i don't know how it compare to other IPS... but i think it is the cheapest IPS around...

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    Default Re: Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool

    im using the 2311 with a entry level ati radeon hd 4300 graphic card. if you are not doing any 3d work, you don't have to invest in an expensive gpu. cs5 doesn't make use of the graphic card for photo editing.

    it mainly makes use of the hard disk and ram. it does not even use the multi core that much.

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    Default Re: Dell U2311H + Which gfx & calibration tool

    Comparing with other TN type monitors, the Dell U2311H is an awesome monitor for the price. It's now $298 for a limited time.

    Wonderful for 3D and photographic work. The factory calibration is very close in value to self calibration using Color Munki.

    Hope that helps.
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