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Thread: Panoramic shots of coastlines

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    Suppose you are trying to take a pano of some coastline, how do you ensure that the waves are a continuous line and not disjoint? In other words when taking multiple shots the waves might not be at the same place and this causes problems when trying to stitch the pictures together.

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    do it by using a point that will be *relatively* consistent. there will be no 100% consistency.

    one particular point that is plausible would be highest point of wave.

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    Thanks for your advice, it does look like we can't get much better than having a rough solution.

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    well, no one can control the sea.

    what you can do is control yourself, and choose things that are easier to stitch

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    by guesstimation. u can try to see if a particular wave falls on a particular point on ur view finder and take many shots of each frame at that same marking, then pray for the best the pano will turn out ok . i trashed alot of wave stitchings cause of incongruity.

    else get a nice film panorama camera to shoot and scan.



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