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Thread: Need Help on Notebook

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    Default Need Help on Notebook

    Due to the recent virus i was thinking of switching to Apple ibook. any comments?

    but if i stick to windows notebook (in case not used to mac interface) which brand will you recommend and where should i buy it? budget about $2500.

    any difference between centrino and a regular P4.

    just a general user.

    thank you in advance.

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    Virus outbreak prompted you to change laptop? hmm...

    Why don't you just invest the money in a anti-virus software. could be cheaper

    Anyway, to answer your question on the p4... well, there are differences. For starters, there's Centrino, P4 M, and Celeron. Forget abt Celeron, cheaper but slower. That's left with centrino and p4 M. centrino has wireless capability built in and runs at a lower clock speed. P4 M runs at higher clock speed but no wireless.

    Which one u choose depends on what you need.

    As to whether to stick with windows or go with mac.... depends again on how u wanna use ur laptop, how well u can adapt to mac. Mac has generally less software available and less computer games.. haha... But Mac is cool stuff... good design, friendly interface and basically.. well.. cool!!!

    Windows works better with the rest of the world. Don't believe the hype that you can port your document to and fro Windows... the format usually goes bonkers... basically, mac don't like windows and vice-versa...

    er... hope that helped a little..


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