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Thread: Cheaper Muvo2

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    Quote Originally Posted by poh6702
    Hi Imaginary_number,

    That was good info on how to extract the 4G MD. But is there any instruction on how to format another CF card so that the MP3 can still be useful? What format for the CF card tobe used in MuVo2? Does it need any file tobe in the CF cards?

    Use the Muvo2 to format the CF card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torchf4
    Hi there!
    In case anyone's interested. There's a cheaper place to get the Muvo2 for the 4GB microdrive. It's at Audio House Marketing. They're selling for $350. Nets or cash only, I believe everywhere else is $400+ and going up.
    So anyone checked out the Sims Drive shop if they still have the muvo2 at $350?

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