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Thread: DSLR Torture tests (D90 vs 550D)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinned79 View Post
    canon obviously fares better in this video.

    1. the hot tea test, canon still works while the nikon just got jam
    2. not a fair test with those nails, the angle and the strength used when using the lens to hammer and if u compare both, nikon takes a more serious damage despite the lens on canon broke. I even heard him in self denial mode saying this is not meant to be for nikon.

    my views, stupid test he is doing cos no one will use their cam to hammer nails (although its trying to imitate rough usage, but nails? oh comeon...), and no one will walk on their cam all over the streets.
    I agree with you that he seems to be biased in his tests

    But as a stress test, I think his tests are pretty ok. Other stress tests test things that nobody would do anyway, like running a truck over a laptop. All these tests intend to test how much damage a device can take before it fails.

    His tests just prove that we don't have to be that careful with our cameras as they don't spoil that easily, since many people seem to think their cameras are pretty fragile.

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    Default Re: DSLR Torture tests (D90 vs 550D)

    Yucks! He isn't a camera lover at all. I couldn't bear to watch finish the whole show.

    Poor cameras!

    I wouldn't treat my camera like that for sure, no matter how old it is.

    Yucks yucks.

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