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Thread: photography noob...should i go for proconsumer cam or DSLR?

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    Default photography noob...should i go for proconsumer cam or DSLR?


    I'm not exactly new to digital photography, but i'm considering it as a serious hobby, right now...i'm in mean of a confusion. should i go for a proconsumer cam or a DSLR? my main concern is underwater photography, so underwater accessiores of a wide range for a particular model is a must.

    I'm looking @ purchasing a cam that go easy on someone who isn't much of an expert, but also offer custom settings & features for someone who want to learn more along the way, gradually adding more accessories such as external flashs, underwater accessories, lens and so on.

    For a proconsumer cam, i'm willing to spend up to 1.5k while a DSLR would be 2K including lens. i fear that for 2K wouldn't even be enuff for a good DSLR...but maybe the entry level sorts of canon rebel or D70.

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    you are better off asking your question in the underwater photography forum to get more expert advice. If you do go the DSLR route, note that underwater casing for them aren't exactly cheap. A cheaper option might be to get a digicam instead, as casings are cheaper. Alternatively, if you are not adverse to film, you might consider the Nikonos range of SLRs from Nikon which are specially designed for underwater work and come with a full range of accessories (lenses, flash etc)

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    I heard underwater casing for DSLR can cost more than a DSLR itself(>$2000).

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    try canon a70 or somewhere along those lines. this is just an example only. of coz your search can always lead u elsewhere. =)


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