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Thread: WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

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    Default WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

    Wedding Photographer’s Association Singapore
    2nd Social Nite On 7 September 2010
    (Organised by the Wedding Photographers Association Singapore with generous support from Cathay Photo)

    Date: Tue, 7th Sept 2010
    Time: 2pm to 8pm. Registration begins at 1.30pm.
    Venue: Civil Service Sports Club, Tapestry Room (Blk B #03-01)
    91 Bt Batok West Avenue 2, Singapore 659206. (nearest MRT: Bukit Batok Station)

    Program Outline

    1pm – 1.45pm: Registration
    2pm – 2.30pm: President address
    2.30pm – 3.30pm: Interesting Ways To Light A Subject – by Tan Eng Howe
    3.30pm – 4.30pm: What Every Photographer's Website Should Have – by Han Ee Kwang
    5pm - 6pm: Creating Award-winning Pictures – by Matthew Tan
    6pm onwards: Buffet dinner, networking & sharing session

    Program Details & Speakers’ Profiles:

    Interesting Ways to Light a Subject

    Using creative techniques in lighting will enhance your photographs immensely, and tell the story that you originally intended. In this workshop, Eng Howe will share some of the more unconventional and interesting ways to light a subject. This is a great chance to learn from this experienced photographer who is not only willing to share his wealth of knowledge but also guide new-comers to the profession.

    Tan Eng Howe, Founder & Certified Master Photographer, Montage Studios
    Eng Howe is one of the pioneers in modern wedding photography and has consistently set the standards in photojournalistic approach. He pioneered the lifestyle approach to people photography, resulting in works that exudes a genuine personality of the subject. The Certified Master Photographer (MPA UK) is well-sought after in the region, for his portraits of dignitaries and corporate leaders. As a seminar speaker & photography consultant, Eng Howe believes in mentoring new-comers and sharing his knowledge gained from 20 years of experience.

    Creating Award-winning Pictures

    An award-winning photograph has a certain quality that elicits rave reviews time after time. From image capture, processing to printing, this workshop will improve on your overall delivery to clients. With Matthew, you will discover new ways of seeing an image and how to get your works finally printed into an award-winning image that both you and your client can be proud off.

    Matthew Tan, Principal Photographer, The Portrait Gallery
    A five-time winner of the Wedding Photographer of the Year award (MPA International), Matthew has also harnessed over 20 awards in major international photography competitions. Matthew is a Fellow of the Master Photographers Association and is concurrently President of the Wedding Photographers Association Singapore. Despite being highly accredited, the unassuming photographer devotes his time to perfecting the story of each of his client.

    What Every Photographers’ Website Should Have

    A photographer’s website is more than an online portfolio of latest works. While a picture can speak a thousand words, your photographs should not be the only voice in the crowded internet marketplace. In this workshop, Ee Kwang will share with you some practical tips to enhance the user experience of your site, resulting in new leads & better conversion rates.

    Han Ee Kwang, Principal Consultant, Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd
    Ee Kwang is a Design Strategist with more than 8 years in the industry, helping organisations achieve their business goals through user experience strategies. He has conceptualised and implemented strategies for clients in a variety of business fields, resulting in increased conversion rates, improved usability and brand equity. Currently a Principal Consultant with Aquarius Soft Pte Ltd, he has developed innovative solutions in various platforms, including web, software & mobile applications.

    Interested individuals, please email to A fee of $18 is required.
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    Default Re: WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

    Left few more seats.
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    Default Re: WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

    Few more seats to full attendance!!
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    Default Re: WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

    Thank you CS for this thread.

    To all, the seminar cum workshop was a good one, especially the topic on website, i have received comments like they have a new perspective angles to look at now for their website.

    I always like this sort of seminar, not only a chance for people to learn, share and social around, it does help one to upgrade their knowledge, in or outside their trade.

    In fact, i spoke to many people today, new friends or old friends, young or old, it does give me a chance to know the point of view from them.

    If you wish to be in the mailing list for future events, pls send me an email:

    Rest assure that WPAS do not make money out from events, we try to break even only, as WPAS main concern is to help, share and guide.
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    Default Re: WPAS 2nd Social Nite on 7th Sept 2010.

    Hereby closed this thread.

    Have a wonderful week.
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