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Thread: [28/08] Saturday Sunset bikini shoot :D

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    1. R
    2. Rick
    3. Eric 1
    4. Eric 2
    5. VIncent
    6. jason85
    7. Sausage
    8. John

    Thanks for the support! Details out! (: SLOTS STILL OPEN ! (:

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    Slots still openn!! 82330642 ~

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    I thanks the organiser for wasting my time due to poor management of the shoot that I've joined today.

    Meetup time sent through sms: 3.30pm, organiser showup time: 4.30pm, start shoot: 5pm.
    Photographers sms organiser where she is instead of organiser sending sms to photographer saying she'll be late.

    Shoot theme: full bikini, actual shoot theme: half bikini. When ask the model to remove their scarf during the shoot, both models reply in "code red" condition, not able to comply.

    Poor collabration between organiser and models: "code red" condition was made known when photographers asked the models, not told by the organiser to photographers. If organiser know that they're in "code red", models should have been changed or cancel the shoot. Least that can be done is made known to photographers before starting the shoot, not keeping quiet about it.

    Conclusion: After joining organised shoot for several years, this is the only shoot that I had walkout halfway as I was too pissed off by how it was poorly manage. Standard wise, you judge.

    To the organiser: As mentioned at the point that I leave the shooting location, this will be the 1st and also the last time I'll ever join your shoot.

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