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    My scanner has mould on the glass panel. This occurs on my current and past units as well. Am I storing my scanner in the wrong way (should I place in a dry cabi?) and is there a way to clean/ remove? Thanks.

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    Apparently, it could be the gasses released, and not necessarily mold.

    It needs to be cleaned for optimal scanning. OR, you could pretty much ignore it.

    Do a check of 'gasses/mold beneath glass platen' and you find tons of articles, as well as dissambly procedures.

    All the best.

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    Yeah, it's a real nuisance. And it happens fairly often.

    You'll just have to disassemble it carefully and clean the glass plate from the underside. Use a good quality cloth, like a 3M Magic Cloth, and take care not to introduce any dust onto the surface.
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