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Thread: FYI: A shop to avoid

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    Quote Originally Posted by sehsuan,460,00.html

    the older ones got removed from the list
    So we must keep on complaining to case la?
    So thet they'll be on the list forever?

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    Thanx for sharing. I only commit only I've checked on the princing with a few shops, and I only buy from 'my' list of shops, which include CP, MS Color, Konota, etc, just to name a few.

    The rest of the shops? I'll not even enter and ask, no matter how cheap they can be!
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    I also never go to Lucky Plaza or Sim Lim ... the seller like gangster n didn't like their style. How come Singapore also got such bad things ? ... i worried Singapore as shopping paradise in SEA will be blacklisted by tourist also eh ....

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    Is-sheet-ahh, and of course, you know I don't mean sheet. :d

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    Well...... not all shops in Lucky PLaza are crap. Perhaps all are, except for LORDS CAMERAs. I've been purchasing stuff from there since I started photography. They give very honest opinions, and absolutely no obligation to buy. I tested the D100 there for about 4 occasions before purchasing. Above all, the prices there quoted are the lowest they will give. So no haggling is necessary at all. I bought my d100 for $2.58K some time back, with a free crumpler bag. U cant beat that.

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