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Thread: Blue sky

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    Default Blue sky

    1. in what area is critique to be sought?

    composition, PP, color

    2. what one hopes to achieve with the piece of work?

    the blue sky contrast with the building

    3. under what circumstance is the picture taken? (physical conditions/emotions)

    walking around in town taking photo around late afternoon. setting: 1/1600, f/11, iso 800, -1 stop exposure, efs 17-85 f4.5-f5.6 usm

    4. what the critique seeker personally thinks of the picture

    i think i had overdone the pp?

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    Default Re: Blue sky

    Personally I think there's too much black blank space for the silhouette and there's not enough structure in the sky for me to find it interesting. If it's late in the afternoon, it's probably not late enough to get a nice sunset or multiple layers of colour for the sky.

    Not sure whether you intentionally set your camera to ISO800 also; maybe you wanted noise in your sky? Either way, I don't find there's enough of noise to turn it interesting either. If it wasn't intentional, then try to shoot as near to base ISO as possible... think you still have room left in your max shutter speed.

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    Default Re: Blue sky

    Lower your ISO will be better, I feel it's too noisy for the sky

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    Default Re: Blue sky

    I dont find this picture particularly interesting
    the sky if you ask me doesnt boast anything worth taking a second look at.

    and your angle isn't balanced, if you noticed from the silhouette that its tilted to the left.

    and as for the grain, i thought it would have been better without [if it was intentional].
    otherwise, like what fellow csers have mentioned, lower the iso
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    Default Re: Blue sky

    good try, but like the others have pointed out.. it needs some adjustments~! for effort
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