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Thread: which one hard to decide.

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    Default Re: which one hard to decide.

    aiyo just 2 months and wanna change aledy...

    this is the typical buy buy buy..

    don't spend money like that la.. if you have alot can share..
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    Default Re: which one hard to decide.

    Quote Originally Posted by we chern View Post
    OK! i shall keep my camera thanks a lot

    i interested in portrait photograph love taking random picture for other.

    i also love to take scenery, i do go out most of the time to take picture flower, building, people on chinatown .... and some more

    but i still prefer portrait shot more
    so any nice lens can intro me :C cause now i'm stuck with a basic lens 18-55mm one...
    What is ur budget? I agree. 50mm f1.8 wont set you back much and it is great for low light conditions because of the wide aperture and perfect for portraiture.

    If you like street photography (pple on chinatown), you can consider a longer range lens.
    Depending on your budget, some recommendations will be 55-250mm (complements your kit lens) or the more expensive 100mm or even more expensive but famous 70-200mm series that Canon has to offer.

    Otherwise, your kit lens shld cover everyday shooting (:

    If you take portraits of pple you are close with, you can consider a 30mm or 35mm f1.4 from Sigma or Canon. Both REALLY popular choices on a camera like yours for portraits

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