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Thread: HD crashed, i think

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    Default HD crashed, i think

    Yo bros, i think my friend's Toshiba notebook (15 months) HD crashed.
    Any bro can recommend a honest and reliable company/person to replace/look into the problem? She needs this to do her homework this weekend.

    Thanks. PM me please.
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    no more warrenty? anyway nowadays laptop very easy to repair coz they come with recovery disk/cd. it will reinstall your OS automatically. but your data will be gone. you can also take out the hard disk, plug it to a PC and try to recover as mush data as you can. if you still need help, you can pm me.
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    Is there any sound when you operate the HDD? If not, its could be a software issue.

    Either the OS crashed or perhaps the partition. You got more info? Error messages?

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    Default Re: HD crashed, i think

    Yeah, as some have already replied, depends on the extent of the crash. If it's just OS corrupted and the HDD itself is okay, then reinstallation is pretty straightforward. If the HDD itself is not working anymore, then got options to either buy new harddisk and install, or erhm, okay, that's pretty much your option. Recovery of a HDD which is not physically kaput is more troublesome, but I think this is seldom the case. More common is a sector in the harddisk corrupted (scratched by HDD read head coz user happy bounce bounce around carrying the laptop while switched on?) in which case one has a choice of reinstallation or buy new HDD also.


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