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Thread: lens condition [newbie here]

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    Default lens condition [newbie here]

    hi im a newbie here

    a questions to ask the experts here, is it possible to send the lens to csc to clean up the external part and replace a part of the lens ( eg, focus ring. ) because i had accidentally make some marks on the part

    any bros have this experience before care to share?

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    Yes, but generally the whole barrel will need to be replaced and it's not cheap to do so. If it's just cosmetic then really, just leave it.

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    I think the best person to answer your question will be the people from csc. Why donlt you call or make a trip to csc to solve your doubts. Unless you are selling away the lens, I think you should save the money unless the focus ring is giving you problems related to getting quality photos.

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    If it's external barrel non rotating inward parts, can always cover with gaffer tape, the rubber ring thingy can't do anything unless :

    You sell it as 2nd hand and buy a new one which is a huge loss
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