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    Default Studio lighting .

    Im about to step into the lighting category after 1 year of playing with my pathetic popup flash , HAHA . Please bear with me if i ask stupid questions okay ? Now , I need the lights for indoor/outdoor shooting , and basically for products and portraits . I am hoping to hear some valuble advice from you .

    1. Should i use a CFL or a flash ?
    2. Should i use a softbox or umbrella ?
    3. Can list examples of off-camera flash makers ?
    4. What kind of triggering for off-cam flash do you personally prefer ?

    Hope you can enlighten me . Thanks in advance .
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    Default Re: Studio lighting .

    I trigger using those cheap radio triggers.

    It works.

    That's enough for me.

    I would only consider Pocket Wizards if I see the need to do so.
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    I use a SB-900 off-shoe, fire using the built-in flash commander in D90. SB-600 can do it too, not sure about SB-400.

    i use softbox for indoor, shoot thru umbrella for outdoor. my preference after much try and error, no hard rule.
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