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Thread: CF Card Reader Suggestion .

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    Smile CF Card Reader Suggestion .

    Hi guys,

    I need a cf card reader for my Sandisk ultra 8G , any suggestion to which brand and shop i prefer to buy ? can not find on price guides topic about this one .

    I don't want to choose the < SGD20 , with 1-2M per sec load capacity , some of my friend told me that Sandisk Extreme III Reader ( USB ) is can reached 30M per sec .

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    The Sandisk one is best, it's full USB 2.0.

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    M using sandisk also. It's fast. also have firewire version but more expensive.

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    The reading speed depends on the card itself as well.

    I am using a Manhattan Multi-Function SATA Quick Dock as my reader, my 8gb Sandisk Xtreme CF reads with an average of 27-28MB/s but starting it does hit maybe 30 but will drop down a bit.

    Oh ya, my 8gb Ultra II i think, never hits the 20MB/s mark
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    Get a sandisk imagemate. Around $55+. The extreme 3 firewire version should be around $120. The limitation for read-speed will probably be your ultra card, rather than the usb 2.0.

    There are some <$20 china brand cf reader which give pretty good speed as well, but I find that the pins can be a little soft.

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    sandisk or lexar firewire will be good enough

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    don't get the sony one. i am using that now. just bought it. slow and the sd slot broke down already. only used it once.

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    Sandisk Extreme . I got this to replace those cheapo readers and I can see significant improvement in transfer speed (USB). I bought this more than a year ago from one of the smaller shops in Funan. I think around $50.

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    Reading speed depends on your card and the computer (interface, chipset, OS, drivers, system load). Can't go wrong with readers from the same brand as the card. Check Best Bargain in Sim Lim (5th floor). Price list is somewhere on local websites (Google helps).

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    i remember there was 1 from sandisk that was touted for speed. i only see the imagemate being sold now. best bargain at #05-02 if i am not wrong. their memory stuff is pretty cheap. i bought a wd 1tb green at 102 only.

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    Wink Re: CF Card Reader Suggestion .

    Thanks for all your comments guys , i decide to take the sandisk reader .


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