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Thread: STOMP or?!

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    Default Re: STOMP or?! a photo of you rowing your kayak around the house ........................
    Take the shot!

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    Default Re: STOMP or?!


    The next best thing is for ur to rock up to ur MP office and have a nice chat with him. Usually there will be someone from town council that will be in the office that u can talk to and whom will be there to help u.

    Usually, if I am not wrong, the town council only take care of the exterior of the house. U can call them if the lights of lift not working. For interior problem, it is taken care by HBD. So the best is to get some photo and than rock down to ur MP office and have a nice chat with them.

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    Default Re: STOMP or?!

    Quote Originally Posted by madmartian View Post a photo of you rowing your kayak around the house ........................
    Haha! Nice one!!

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    Default Re: STOMP or?!

    surprising email response is much more faster then call!
    i swear this noon the TC really hang my phone ....

    Anyway ... appointment was made tmr to review the status.

    Its a new contractor - immediately he say oh i think i should change the whole roof waterproof membrane instead of masterbedroom only ... so i reply not think just do it ...

    ... and worst still i think only when weather is good, no rain then can proceed with the rectification work ...

    lesson learnt next time dont stay highest floor.

    u know the stenchy water from roof is ... omg ... yellowish ... on my white wall ...

    awh thanks all ...
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