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Thread: Night photography problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by daredevil123 View Post
    What if your subject is a mountain or building 1km away. Will an LED torch work?

    Having a distance scale is good. Not having one, you need a work around. Even for my question above, there is a way around it, if you have your LED torch light and knowledge of hyperfocal distatnce. Just that it will be more troublesome.

    But people buy gear for different reasons. Some of us, we know enough to know we want better gear. And we are not like some people who buy gear blindly thinking that it will improve their shots with no effort and knowledge from their end as photographers.

    It is just like how some people may think that shooting enough bad pictures will make them good photographers automatically without thought, understanding and effort.
    great~! well said.. i always believe that its not just buying the best gear.. all the people starting out should read this post..
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevesteve View Post
    hi everyone. i realized i have a problem with shooting night photography.. im using canon 500d, with a kit lens.. i went to shoot in an area that has low light.. i crank up my iso to 3200 (highest), and even crank up my shutter speed to 30s.. but my camera still does not allow me to shoot off, as it cant find a focus point?

    but when i try to shoot in manual mode, and ownself adjust the zoom lens, i will be able to take, but as its dark, i cant really determine whether the image is sharp or not before i shoot.. is there anyway i can do? i do not have an external flash
    Good advice from some CSers here. And thanks to enzeru21 for great explanation in post #2. I'm learning from that too...

    TS, i'm curious exactly what kind of night scene and how dark u intend to shoot... maybe u would like to give examples or post a pic.
    i hv 500D too, i experienced focus hunt and not able to trigger, but in most cases i realized the scene is too dark to shoot well without a tripod. So i take it as a cue to either re-position or move off.... (in my amateur mind when i hv no tripod)

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