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Thread: Tried renting DVDs?

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    Default Tried renting DVDs?

    anyone used the services of before?

    Btw, I'm thinking of getting a DVD player. Which brand do you recommend and any model that is particularly good?

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    neuston player.

    available @ soem particular shop @ simLim, price for about 400+ bucks

    it can play many many different kinds of file formats in addition to conventional vcd n dvd...more search results from =)

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    I pay about $4 each for DVD rental from Video-EZy. Newer shows are 1 or 3 days, and older shows are 7 days rental period. For me I don't think I would take the $35/month option from the DVD store you linked, because there are only that many shows worth watching, and I only usually watch maybe 2-3 DVDs per month, tops. Also, I don't think they will let you keep new releases for a long period, because it won't be good buisness sense, what if many customers wanted to rent that DVD also? If you have lots of time to watch, then maybe $35 would be a bargain for you.

    For DVD player wise, I bought a Pioneer brand one (region-free) for around $150. Cheap and plays very good.

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    Shinco dvd player

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    There r too many brand n model to recommend but first of all, what is ur budget? n 2nd r u hooking up with TV or PJ?

    If using PJ with DVI input, I recommend the Momitsu 880 - cost ard $460.

    If u want Value for money dvdp u can try the Enzer 5188, 5278 or the 5288 - cost ard $89 - $149. Other brands like Akira, shinco also cost below $150.

    Brand like pioneer, philips, samsung, sony or even the toshiba also hv entry level player that cost ard $160 - $260. I like the philips 727 - cost ard 250.

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    Hooking up with TV, budget below $200

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    For below $200 DVDPlayer u can take a look @ Enzer, value for money. Check it out @ above addr.

    The Enzer 5288 @ $149 look good, with touch screen n bluelite.

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    Well.... Put it this way... Shinco is China's Sony... Go figure... And it can play all types disc (you know... originals & ...). If it can't be played on Shinco, it's a goner....

    But hor... Don't quote me.... I don't own one... Most people I know of says that....

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