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Thread: Animal and advertising

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    Smile Animal and advertising

    We’ve seen a lot of advertisement featuring animal(s). Some are cute, funny, brilliant, some are … well … cruel which were never be released.
    Like these…

    No animals were harmed in the making of these adverts. It was computer-generated.
    Don’t bother to check on the link at the end of the clip. The website for the car has been taken down.

    Cat and a Ford
    Pigeon and a Ford

    Trick photography was used and no animal was harmed.
    The footage has not been used in Nokia advertising and it is not an official Nokia advertisement.

    Nokia 3650

    I am an animal lover and I would never harm a single one but those adverts are soo funny I cannot stop laughing. Is anybody with me?

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    there was one ad for some brand (cant remember..maybe its pirelli) of tyres...basically the dog found out its wife had an affair and was upset and ran across the road in an attempt at suicide and was almost killed if not the headon car braked in time (showing that the tyres are of a high quality ) friend got the mpeg =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by clive
    ...maybe its pirelli...
    it's Bridgestone. The title is A Dog's Life. Warning: Big file - 4.83 MB
    Brilliant ad.


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