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    What brand(s) of the CF cards do you use? And how well do you think it has served you?
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    Sandisk Extreme 1GB and Ultra II 1GB

    Both have served my loyally for many many months...

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowspeeder
    What is/are the brand(s) of the CF cards do you use? And how well do you think it has served you?
    uh, that's not a very technical question. maybe you might want to rephrase it somewhat..

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    Seems clear enough to me that SanDisk and Lexar have a good standing in the market. But there are also many other brands. Not sure if they're a good buy in terms of value. I'm planning on a Lexar 40X. Got news that prices might fall next week.

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    just got a pretec48x 512mb at $185.... i did a benchmark....seems like the card beats my sandisk ultra2 256mb in some waays.... wonder why....
    any dslr user out there tried this card?
    as i no dslr....can only use PC to test....

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    How useful really is the read/write speed of a fast CF card, if it is used on a camera with limited speed? That, I wonder.

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    Using Lexar Pro (40x) for oh... 2 days

    Quite cheap, at $399 for 1GB.. you mean price will drop somemore???


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    Yup...crossing my fingers on that. News was from a local distributor. Guess time will tell.

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    Don't need news from anyone...just look at how much is a 256mb SD selling 1year+ ago....and

    infact....newer, faster and bigger size is released.... price of smaller size cards will go down....its a fact....

    memory cards price will drop n drop n drop until no new cards is available.... but are u gonna continue to wait for this day? till end of ur life u might still waiting for the cheapest card to come....never ending wait...haahaa...

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    Only a fool would wait that long. Just need to wait for a slight plunge and that's good enough. So if its like within 2 weeks or so, a little patience helps.


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