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Thread: just back from supermarket and realised that

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    Quote Originally Posted by y0ngcheng
    hehe clive u always have interesting topics
    in other words, clive is full of ****!

    you need a canoe escort, you let me know. you pay for the canoe...kekeke

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    Quote Originally Posted by zekai

    BMT 1st week ~ 8 drop to 0 (muscle fatigue)

    ah yes..this is the most kukunaden part of bmt really loh..i really cant believe that for the sake of training everybody in the platoon, the instructors made everyone do chin-ups everyday!!! that time i was in PTP batch, all the dudes in my bmt platoon all either can't run or cant do chinup or both...that time i was able to do 12 but alas can't run...i tried to request to the instructor that since i can do 12, why not just be a bit flexible and leave me aside while they train those who really needed to improve on their chin-ups..they said no..end up everyone i nthe platoon suffered from muscle fatigue..but took like 2++ weeks to recover..heh..those were the days =)

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