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Thread: Mac question -- Shift-click doesn't work!

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    Default Mac question -- Shift-click doesn't work!

    Thot I might just ask here cos I have read several Mac forums and didn't find a solution!

    I need to select multiple files on Finder. According to the forums, I should be able to Shift click the 1st and last file, and Mac will also select the files in between. Just like Win.

    But try as I might, I can't do it! My Shift key functions like the Command key. It allows selection one by one only.

    Am I missing something here? I'm using Snow Leopard and a wireless Apple keyboard.

    I know I can click and drag but that's not practical cos I need to select a huge number of files and some of them are hidden from view, ie off screen.

    Thanks for any suggestion!

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    Default Re: Mac question -- Shift-click doesn't work!

    Are you in list view?

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    Default Re: Mac question -- Shift-click doesn't work!


    I am in the "icon" view.

    I tried the other 3 views, ie List, Column and Cover Flow, indeed, the Shift-key allows multiple selection!

    Is there a reason why it won't work in the Icon view? That's the one I used most commonly cos it allows me to see my images clearly. So I know which ones I want to be selected.

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    Default Re: Mac question -- Shift-click doesn't work!

    Yes it doesn't work in Icon view. I guess the workaround for this would be to use your keyboard to do the selection instead of the mouse. Just select the file and hold SHIFT-DOWN until the last file you want selected.

    If it really bothers you, then just use List View instead. Shift works as it should in List View.
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