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Thread: 365: advice needed from newbie :)

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    Default 365: advice needed from newbie :)

    I'm thinking of undertaking the 365Days project, in order to better myself in terms of portrait shots and composition skills, as well as to understand a bit more about photography. I'm not too sure how to start myself off though, in terms of equipment and other things.

    Maybe there're any CS-ers who tried the 365Days before and are able to provide any tips? Or some lao jiao here who can help with advice on how to shoot/edit to great results ^^

    I'm currently using a Canon 500D, lenses include a 18-55mm kit lens, a 50mm f/1.8 as well as a 75-300mm (but I think I probably won't need that in this project).\

    Please advise! Thank you
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    Default Re: 365: advice needed from newbie :)

    What's 365days project. I googled but nothing standard came out.

    Is it about taking a photo everyday?

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    If you mean "A Photo A Day" then its more of a personal commitment and hence only governed by your determination and mental state of mind to shoot and improve.... this really do not need any discussion.... however advise got alot... end of the day, its good to just go out, and shoot, and one thing...

    1. Learn the limits of your equipment and lens.
    (and live with it!)

    2. Learn what works for you and what doesn't
    (Adjust until you get the shot you envision in your mind. Sometimes it takes 10? 100? shots of the same subject to get the 'right' pic. Even famous photographers didn't get their award winning photos with just a single shot of their subjects)

    3. Learn what makes a good shoot and what doesn't.
    (Ask plenty of advice or comments - even people around you, like yr gf, can tell u whether your shot works for them or not. You will also develop the 'eye' slowly as you see more. Check more of the 'gallery' section of CS and less of the 'buy and sell' section, to learn about good pics, and analyse why is it good / bad)

    4. Learn what interests you and what doesn't.
    (This one can leave to later. Don't close your mind to the options. However, that said, know what your equipment can't do and see point 1)

    5. Keep shooting. Do not be discouraged by criticisms. Sometimes what people say can be harsh, but if you reflect the guise of it later (when emotions settle), you might learn a thing or 2 about it.

    Just my 2cents. My point is "See more, shoot more, ask more, learn more". :P

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    Default Re: 365: advice needed from newbie :)

    the 365days project usually is a self portrait a day, don't need special equipment, taking a self portrait each day is already a very big challenge, it is good idea to keep your set up and workflow as simple as possible to enable you to finish this project.

    J-Chan has a same project, [J-Chan] A Self-Portrait A Day 2010

    if you are keen on portraiture, you can try the 100 strangers project, is equally challenging, but no time limit, you can try 3 months or one year to compete it as long you shoot 100 strangers.

    hope this help.
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    @Photoart: It's a project where you take a self-portrait everyday for a year, and over the extent of a year you can use those pictures to determine how to take a better picture of a subject with framing techniques, composition etc. PP is allowed so you can really go freaky over this

    @Pegasus: Something like A Photo A Day, but a little more different in the sense that you're shooting yourself. No need to go out unless you require fresh backdrops haha.

    @Catchlights: Essential items might include a wireless shutter release? Helps in you being able to compose yourself before taking the shot and not having to chiong after setting self-timer or not knowing when the shutter will go off, haha. Your link was very useful! His shots sure are interesting.

    Thanks guys for your tips, I actually got the idea from this photog Rosie Hardy (google if you're unsure) who advocates the project as a good way to improve portraiture shooting. Her photos are sick! Do check them out if you have the time.
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