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Thread: what does this mean?

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    Default what does this mean?

    i am looking at the comparison of canon 10-22 & tokina 11-16

    when i move in the pointer, beside seeing changes to the numbers & lines, i notice the base color of the chart (white) also changes in the tone.

    for example, when set to 12mm, at f4 & f8,

    1) canon 10-22,
    tone for "centre" chart is lighter than the "mid-frame",
    tone for "mid-frame" & "corner" is similar.

    2) tokina 11-16
    tone remains almost unchanged between "centre" & "mid-frame",
    tone between "mid-frame" & "corner" is similar.

    what does that means? can i say the light fall off of the tokina at 12mm, at both f4 & f8 is much lesser than canon?
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    Default Re: what does this mean?

    you can look at vignetting numbers at

    i don't see any numbers or information on the page itself, but it looks like it could be an exposure issue.

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    Default Re: what does this mean?

    tokina 11-16

    versus canon 10-22

    for vignetting, looks like tokina 11-16 performs better, i guess.


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