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Thread: Snatch thieves - beware in M'sia

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    The easiest and most simple way to avoid being a victim of snatch thief is to be street-smart. Act like a local, behave like a local. Always be on the lookout, watch out for people's behavior. Always err on caution and safety. Never talk to people you are uncomfortable with. You may have the right of way, but let the Malaysian motorists go first.

    Sometimes you guys don't understand that you're essentially in a different country, with different expectations and attitudes. Please, when you are travelling to other countries, exercise due caution, even if you are travelling to "safe" destinations.
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    things that i have practiced :

    1) "chili spray" : grind chili till its like a juice and put in those spray bottle small ones (like the ones to clean ur lens) but remember to label! dont later anyhow use wrong spray on lens

    2) monopod fight : lightweight monopod at least 1m long extended. must be light so you can swing fast. no point heavy and you cant swing correctly or reaction time slow

    3) easy belt : i use a belt that's easy to take out. within 2s and its out . practice makes perfect!

    of course if its 1-1 still got hope to fight back but if you're outnumbered.. start to pray
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