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Thread: 300D for sale in bangkok

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    Default 300D for sale in bangkok

    was at bangkok, thailand a couple of weeks ago, when i went shopping at Mah Boon Krung with my relatives.(MBK famous as a pasar malam..good at cheap prices, real/fake)
    i was walking at one of the levels selling electronics when i saw a lady of a small stall selling cameras. upon closer look, i noticed a EOS 300D for sale... price was ard $1800SGD
    hmmm...what do you guys think abt this camera?trustworthy to buy??

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    $1,800 isn't cheap leh.

    I just saw TCW selling EOS 300D + kit lens for $1780 yesterday. Won't risk buying from such places out of Singapore (seems dodgy being pasar malan style), especially if you're Singaporean. Support the local economy!

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    Errrr... add cost of ticket and accomm. Might as well have peace of mind and buy one here. Shouldn't be much more, right? (Not in the market for a 300D, so I don't know.) Then there's the warranty also. Only valid in Thailand? And MBK... as you know yourself, is filled with "genuine imitations".

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    Don't buy in bkk, its all the old stock and it just came out here about a month ago... I live in bkk that's y i know the prices here... get it in s'pore is way way cheaper...
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