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Thread: Fireworks Shooting

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    Default Fireworks Shooting

    Hi All,
    I intent to practice again next weekend Nation Day.
    was try few settings, but cant get the great result. eight too bright, or too dark. or even the whole image out of focus.
    tried on Av and Tv.... any idea what's wrong?

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    definitely must use tripod and remote. set to manual mode and put shutter speed to bulb. aperture between f8-f14 should be fine. use the remote to open shutter when the fireworks shoot then let go when the fireworks is at its max. hence u'll have a nicely exposed photo of a nice full "blown" fireworks. for the focus u need to use manual focus, and set to inifinity focusing.
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    Default Re: Fireworks Shooting

    You might want to beef up your fundamentals of photograhy.

    Too bright or too dark = exposure issue. How to set exposure? Check your manual. To get good exposure for fireworks takes practice.

    Image out of focus = focusing issue. Learn how your camera focuses. For fireworks, you can focus at infinity. I recommend using MF.
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    Please doa search for "fireworks". This sort of thread comes up dozens of times every year.


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