Now you've been good, He decides to give you another opportunity, like "A Day in the Life of xxxxxx". Which will you choose?

1. President Bushes - at home, the White House, family and staff. If this is not rewarding enough, He will arrange a meeting of the Defense Secretry with the President and you can shoot the emotion of both ppl privately. Here you need a long lens to capture the emotion of the secretary when the President gives it all to him and you better be at the other end of the room.

2. Bill Gathes - at his famous resort-mansion home with his family. If taking photos of his mansion's Windows and him with natural light reflection from the lake is not enough to move you, then He will arrange a Night Party with his software developers. He will ensure that this night someone will hack into Bill's home server and deliver him the Sassar desert ... this will of course force his home pc to restart a hundred times, with all the pc-controlled home applicances to behave like disoriented morons and all the Window 2000 n xP devleopers will have first hand experience of how the millions of Win users have gone thru.... remember though to bring extra batteries for yr flash! Remember to shoot close-up potraits of Mr Bill!

3. M. Jeckson - at his infamous Neverland and of course you can shoot his bedroom where all the fun started. Go ahead and shoot all the animals and merry-go-round before they became history with the receivers.... since it's obvious that shooting MJ is now nothing fantastic, juz like a visit to a monkey enclosure in a zoo, He will compensate and ensure that his sister, yes the boob-sis will be there for a swim - sure, it's going to be nude (what else you expect?) You will then have a first hand private shoots with this JJ. FOC of course, no need to pay Astin, Bob, Andy, Ruth..... Bring along a underwater cam, she is ok with yr request.

4. David Beckhum - at his newly-bought home with the spicegal and jr. Here you will have an exclusive shoot of the new diamond and jewelleries that David bought for her, as well as see first hand how Posh will react to a new news abt another one having a go with D. Since it's a Sunday, He will allow D's ex-secretary and the Malaysian model to go back to collect some small presents which they have left behind. Hope the reactions from this happy family will be attractive enough for you to choose this. Bring extra lens unless you have experienced shooting cats fighting at backlanes.

5. Osama bin Raden - a day in the life of Osama shld be good enough reason to shoot but maybe you can't stand the heat of being in 30 ft underground in a remote mountain, But then again here you will have a free hand to shoot candids and see how the rich and famous live like a rodent..... as a consolation, Osama will show you tons of photos of American and other prisoners humilaiting themselves. Those on CNN will look like studio shots compared to your originals .....Of course you will be allow to shoot his teeth, if there is still any. Also remember to bring B+W Cir Polarizer with those fantastic sun n clouds above this remote area.

But remembers, whatever you shoot, the copyrights remain with Him, and you need to surrender yr CF when you have finished. However yr name will be mentioned in any publicity stunts!