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    Hi, I'm totally new to photography and I would be very grateful for advice from the many experts here.

    I recently (last April) bought a Panasonic Lumix GF1 and :
    1. Lumix pancake 20mm f1.7
    2. Lumix 14-45mm f4-5.6
    3. Lumix 14-140mm f4-5.8

    I have tried out all the above lens in various environments especially indoors with low lighting, outdoors (far objects around 10 metres) with low lighting.

    I face the following problems/outcomes :
    1. The shutter speed takes too long for it to complete the process like 10-25 secs.
    2. I don't get the blur effect (which is what I want) around the subject.

    What is a suitable/correct lens that I can/should use to solve my problem. Appreciate all the advice

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    I don't think its the lens. I think you need to learn how to use your camera. Check out the articles and guides section, especially about aperture, shutter speed and iso. It is imperative that you understand those basics first
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    Thank you for your advice.

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    As you've mentioned "low light". You'll need to crank up the ISO on your camera. You may need to go higher on the ISO number (eg. 400, 800, 1600).

    My guess is, with you low ISO settings, the shutter will take a longer time close. I suppose you're shooting in aperture priority or program mode.

    As for the "blur" effect around the subject, you might wanna read up on "bokeh" on the web.
    Try to shoot wide open on your lenses (F 1.7 or F 4) to check out the "blur" effect that your lenses can achieve.

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    Points noted. Thank you for your advice.


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