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Thread: Penang -- any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oceantoofar View Post
    Wa 17 pple is alot, not sure if can fit into van? Maybe need 2.

    Anyway, we stayed at Traders Hotel Georgetown (previously was Shangri La but name changed to Traders). Rates was S$100 per room per night. Location is pretty good and central. But dun expect it to be posh as Shang in Sg. But it is reasonably good.

    The tour guide details as follow:

    Name: B A Tan
    Tel: 016-486 2277

    Btw, when I mentioned $20 plus for 6 hours of tour, it's per person, not total

    We stayed there for 3 days 2 nights and actually found it abit too short. Din get to go to alot of places. So I think urs will be rather rush........
    Thanks for the info oceantoofar. Will check it out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyberian View Post
    Thanks for the info oceantoofar. Will check it out.
    You may wish to follow this link:

    A previous useful informative thread

    There is info about public bus in Penang. RapidPenang. read through the post.

    It depends on what you want. For those eating place that hidden in the small alley, usually even you drive your own, you might not able to find unless you brought by locals.

    To save hassle, following tour is the easiest. But if to do a slightly more serious photography trip, this is not possible.

    Example, I was just recently visit the Khoo Kongsi, I spent about 1 hour 20 min there. consider a fast one as I'm not really trying to do a serious photography there.

    For Penang, if you intended to cover only Georgetown area (heritage site) they are all walkable. It is almost just like walking from Raffles place to Esplanade then further down to Marina Bay Sands, and walk up further passing the bayfront ave, then go into City Hall area, something like that.

    Also check out this link, newly published travel brochure (on the right)

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