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    Exclamation Freelancer !!!

    Dear all who are freelancer or considering to be freelancer

    Please get a copy of CA(computer ARTS) mag Issue 177 and 178 !!!
    177 has 89 tips on being freelancer (teaching you about price pitch/portfolio building)
    178 about setting up your own studio, and breaking into the industry.

    I'm not related to any mag dealer, i'm just a recommending some mag as an independent hobbyist as i may not have the rights to publish all the tips here.

    outline for issue 177
    outline for issue 178
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    any idea which stores are selling the magazine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcCcYBoi View Post
    any idea which stores are selling the magazine?
    I have but passing interest in the area; I found both issues at the Holland Village magazine sellers - yesterday. There were some more there. Still unopened in the "incoming" stuff pile, which is of more concern than finding the issues.

    -- marios

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    im not too sure. but anyone want this can try the photography book store at parkway B1, next to the herbal tea shop and the photo printing shop.. lots of books to browse there !
    Think fast, aim for the best !

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